Custom volleyball uniforms for collegiate and high school teams are similar. Both must be solid colors with a player's number on the jersey. Uniforms also need matching socks. Shirts can be a different color than the uniform, but sleeve length and shirt trim must be identical. Custom volleyball uniforms are a great way to showcase your school's spirit and individuality. Finding a good manufacturer like Duskoh, who makes premium quality uniforms, would be best. Remember to ask if the company provides the design services. Duskoh is one of the renowned Sportswear manufacturers, and they have an in-house design team that makes different mockups for the uniforms.

Following are some of the ways that you can use to make custom volleyball uniforms for your team.



If you are looking for a new volleyball jersey for your team, sublimation printing is one of the best options. Sublimation is a permanent form of printing where the ink infuses the fabric, rather than other methods where printing is on top. This process results in uniforms with excellent color quality and lasting durability. The quality of sublimated uniforms will not fade, crack, or wear over time, which makes them an excellent choice for volleyball teams. If you need Augusta volleyball uniforms, sublimation is the best option, and you should go for it.

Sublimation printing uses a special dye that bonds with the fabric's molecules. It allows for vivid, full-color, all-over prints. With this method, the design becomes a permanent part of the fabric, which means no peeling or fading of design elements. The high temperatures and pressures in the process turn the print into a gas, bonding with the fabric's molecules.

Once you have selected the design and size of your new uniforms, the next step is to approve your order. Once you approve the design, the company will use the sublimation technique to make custom volleyball uniforms for your team. The average production time is between five to seven weeks, although this can vary depending on the time of year, and it also depends on the supplier; for example, Duskoh provides very quick delivery within 2 weeks. To avoid disappointment, you can ask your team's sales representative to confirm the production time before placing your order. Remember that this production time does not include shipping time. But Duskoh provides the uniforms at your doorsteps within 3 weeks.

Sublimation printing is an excellent choice for custom volleyball uniforms because of its high-quality, vibrant print. It does not fade, peel, or come off and is easy to maintain. This printing method is also eco-friendly because it embeds colors in the fabric, making them permanent and reusable. It also doesn't require the use of harsh chemicals, which is another reason to choose sublimation printing. If you don't want beach volleyball uniform malfunction, choose your supplier wisely who makes premium quality uniforms.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

If your team is interested in customizing volleyball uniforms, you may want to use Heat Transfer Vinyl for the design. It can create various designs and is inexpensive to purchase in rolls. Although this method of customizing uniforms takes more time, it is ideal for large quantities or shirts with several different colors. Once you create the design, it is time to apply the vinyl to the shirt using a heat press.

There are several different types of heat transfer vinyl available. Adhesive vinyl sticks to most nonporous surfaces and is removable, making it the perfect choice for small projects like wall decals. It is durable, and you can remove it without peeling paint. The removable adhesive has a 200-year indoor lifespan without lamination, making it an excellent choice for use on lightweight garments. You can use this material for dark or light-colored garments and all types of youth volleyball uniforms.

Another type of printing is screen printing. This method doesn't involve messy inks or complicated printing equipment. Printed transfers are also similar to heat transfer vinyl but are not as durable. If you're not a designer, consider using heat transfer vinyl instead of screen printing. It is easy to find and can be purchased wholesale. If you need volleyball uniform packages, you should go for sublimation instead of heat transfer vinyl or screen printing.

It would help if you also had a heat press to use this method of decorating your custom volleyball uniforms. The heat transfer vinyl is thin and resembles screen-printed plastisol ink. To use a vinyl cutter, you must first enter the design into a software tool. A machine then cuts out the design from a roll of vinyl. You can use a cutter for this process, but you may need to learn how to use it first.


Embroidered items add a touch of high-quality style to custom volleyball uniforms. These items can be personalized using embroidery fonts, layouts, thread colors, and more. Embroidered products are a great way to represent a team and show off team spirit. High school athletes can create a web store for their teams to showcase their school pride. After all, who wouldn't want to represent their school with style? If you need badges on mens volleyball uniforms, then you should use embroidery for the badges.

Embroidery is a process that requires expertise and time. A good embroiderer should be able to troubleshoot problems and use the latest technology to create a unique product. The tools they use should be of the highest quality. If possible, they should use advanced embroidery machines to create their goods. For custom volleyball uniforms, a high-quality embroidery machine is necessary. This machine will enable you to achieve high-quality uniforms with the highest level of detail and quality.

Screen Printing

You can customize a team's look with screen printing on a volleyball jersey. The flat vinyl material used for screen printing looks great and is professionally applied. Custom volleyball jerseys are available in various sizes and lettering styles, including 4", 6", and 8-inch letters and numbers. There is no limit to the number of designs or colors you can print on a volleyball jersey. Custom volleyball uniforms are great for team spirit, fundraising, or just for displaying team pride.

Duskoh utilizes the latest screen-printing technology to ensure that they have printed your design accurately at an affordable price. The company also uses a 3D kit designer so that you can select the best design for your team. If you're unsure where to start, you can send them your logos and color scheme, and their designer will develop the new designs. Once the design is complete, all that's left is to order them! The best part is that you can print your school's logo and name on custom volleyball uniforms.

Volleyball uniforms should fit correctly and shouldn't hold an athlete back. Custom uniforms should be comfortable, fit right, and show team pride. For example, suppliers make men's volleyball uniforms to allow full range of motion yet durable enough to withstand every dive, block, and spike. 


If you need premium quality, custom volleyball uniforms for your team, you should go for Duskoh. You can check their website at and email them at or WhatsApp them at 00923117650528.

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