Five Tips to Make Custom Noodle Boxes Perfect

Noodles are instant food that everyone like to eat to remove their hunger. Well, we found multiple types of noodles on market shelves like ready-to-cook and warm-cooked noodles in the market. On this subject, brands need to use quality packaging solutions to wrap their noodles. Your packaging box must have to enlist the below functions. 

  • Tear-resistance 
  • Leakage-proof
  • Attractive 
  • Help in branding  

Now it's time to see the versatile tips to make perfect and secure custom noodle boxes

Use Quality Material for Noodle Boxes 

Noodles need proper attention regarding the quality and attractiveness of your noodle packaging. For instance, you need to use durable, thick, and robust material to create perfect and amazing noodle boxes. Packaging brands come with innovative packaging solutions and quality cardstock like cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and box board material. So, you have the option to use cardstock thickness from 12pt to 24pt as per your choice. Ensure the use of quality material for noodle packaging according to your need. 

Functional Styles to Make Best Noodle Boxes 

Along with the material the style of your noodle packaging box must be accurate and fulfill the need of your product. Thus, noodle packaging boxes suppliers come with attractive and awesome styles of noodle boxes like 1-2-3 auto bottom, tuck-end, origami shape, and bucket style boxes for yummy noodles. 

Design of Noodle Packaging Make Them Adorable 

Want to make your noodle boxes engaging and lovely? Play with designs, colors, and add-ons to make amazing or splendid noodle boxes for your customers. You can use catchy colors according to your desire with CMYK and PMS color models. So, choose muted shades, citrus hues, earthy tones, and many more options. 

However, you can choose designs according to your choice and merge them as per your creativity and choice. In this regard, you can use intricate lines, abstract shapes, floral designs, polka dots, and symmetrical designs for your noodle boxes as per your choice. So, fill life in your noodle packaging and turns your customer's head towards buying your mouth-watering noodles.

Must Place Logo, Brand Name, and Other Info 

Now it's time to make your product authentic and branded with printing information on the noodle packaging box. Thus, must place the brand name, logo, quantity, shelf life, trademark, ingredients, flavor, and other mandatory information on the box according to your choice.

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If you choose a logo for your brand presentation and recognition in the industry, go for unique characters and meaningful logos. You have the option to design your logo with words, letters, and characters. Here are some tips that help you to print the right information on the packaging box with beneficial tips. 

  • Carefully place the content on the noodle box 
  • Use quality ink-toners 
  • Be cautious when choosing your packaging color 
  • Must choose unique font styles for noodle packaging 
  • The font must be funny, attractive, and readable

Ending Up Thoughts 

The ending of the above discussion is to ensure the durability of your noodle packaging. Thus, you need to use awesome styles to make them appealing custom noodle boxes with advanced packaging solutions. On this subject, choose quality material, design, functional styles, and printed information for your product packaging. 

Adam doss Tuesday, 19 July 2022
Enhance the worth of your candles with amazing packaging styles

Candle box makers are introducing new designs and styles every day for the brilliant display of candle products in front of customers. However, the latest packaging style not only upgrades the look of the custom candle boxes but also makes them more prominent and protective. We all know that candle wax is generally placed inside glass jars that jars are highly dedicated and not able to bear the crowded environment of the retail shelves. Therefore, protection is one of the major functions that candle brands needed. So, here are a few amazing candle box styles that would just make the candles safer and more beautiful enough.

Cuboid candle sleeve boxes for candle jars

Mostly the candles come in round cubic or some traditional geometric shapes so the sleeve cuboid boxes are best for the packaging of such candles. The sleeve design is not only for escalating the impression of the packaging but also for the protection of sensitive candle jars. The double-wall construction of the custom candle boxes in sleeve shape would make the inside candles safe and sound.  

Candle boxes with a hanger on top

Just the candle box looks like an amazing case in the picture similarly the hanging option would make the ordinary cubic shape box alluring. On the other hand, the attachment of the hanging option makes the candle packaging boxes more functional than before. The retailer can use this hanging option to display the candles on the walls if the space of the retail shelve is not enough to display the candle in front of the customers. So this is one of the amazing packaging options for candle jars. 

Cylindrical candle packaging box for round candles

The candles that are round in shape require packaging that elaborates the round shape of the candle jars so the cylindrical candle boxes are assumed best for this purpose. The boxes look just complementary to the products that are packed inside. Although the round shape provides the essence of uniqueness the common shape of the candle boxes is cuboid. However, the printing of colorful design elements would escalate the visual value of the custom candle boxes. However, the placement of the logo with prominent fonts and writing styles would just double the impact of the packaging as well as the products.  

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Two-way opening boxes for candle products

As shown in the picture the box is an ultimate packaging solution with the dual side opening option. An adhesive closing sticker is placed on the top to ensure the proper closing of the candle boxes. These sort of candle boxes are only made if you select the custom candle boxes for your candle products.  

In the end

The above styles are amazing for the brands that need a solution to make their candle packaging out of the crowd. The discount offers are only made for those vendors who need wholesale custom candle boxes. 

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How can you pack decorated candle boxes for events?

There is a number of brands that use high-quality candle boxes to pack their decorated candles. These candles are decorated because they are used to add glory to the event's adornment. However, sometimes these candles are used for gifting to loved ones at special events. 

So, one can assume that the candles that are going to serve the multi-purposes during the special events must be encapsulated inside the custom candle packaging. The boxes that entice the audience on the retail counters would easily generate more sales and make more customers satisfied. 

Decorated candle boxes for the event-specific candle

Visual appeals are something that makes the viewer delightful, and due to this reason, the custom packaging for the candles is considered the most important tool for the candle business. On the other hand, the quality packaging enhances the quality of the candle products in the eyes of the customers.


Therefore four amazing types of custom candle boxes are discussed here that would let the readers know the worth of decoration and event specifications for the candle packaging. However, one can think why the use of event-specific boxes is essential, so this discussion would also let them know that it would easily and abruptly generate sales for the specific brand. 

Various types of event-specific candles

To match the candle outlook with the specific events, candle retailers, as well as manufacturers, use event-specific candle packaging. Therefore we discuss a few amazing types of boxes that are only generated to cater to the unique packaging demands of the candle products that are fabricated for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's, and other events.  

Numbering candles for birthdays with number style boxes

All and one knows that when you are going to celebrate the birthday of your kid, then the most important thing after the cake is the candle that shows the age in number form. These candles are easily available in retail and supermarkets. There is a number of brands that sell the numbering candles. So, the customers may get confused while choosing the brand.


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Moreover, one thing that facilitates the customers to choose the right candle is the packaging. This is the reason custom candle packaging solutions are used that allow the users to create the number shape boxes for the candles. Firstly, these boxes allow the customers to find the number of candles easily among all the candles on the retail shelves. Secondly, these boxes allow the candle brands to leave a positive impact on the customers. 

Heart shape candle inside the heart shape candle boxes

No one can deny the worth of heart shape candles that are going to serve the gift purpose of a lot of customers. And to enhance the worth of these candles, the candle makers highly required heart-shaped candle boxes. The heart shape of the candle packaging highlights the shape of the candles on the retail shelves. 

The heart shape is also used to reflect love and affection so it would attract the feelings of the customers. All these reasons make the decorated heart shape of candle boxes favorable for the candle packaging. 

In the end

The candles are assumed to be a sign of light and decoration, and that is the reason the events are decorated with candles of interesting shapes and styles. So such type of candles deserves to be packed inside the custom candle boxes. 

Adam doss Tuesday, 5 July 2022
Suitable material options for custom ice cream cone sleeves

The ice cream cone sleeves need perfection in the outlook, and for this reason, high-quality material is needed for the creation of the custom ice cream cone sleeves. And in order to select the best material for your next ice cream cone, it is required to get an idea about the available materials for the ice cream cone jackets. However, if the quality of the material is superb, then it would serve to make the elegant look of the cones and also protect them from contamination and spoilage. 

Few suitable materials for the ice cream cone sleeves and jackets

The following article is a complete elaboration of the materials that are readily available for the ice cream cone covers. However, the customization also allows the ice cream makers to generate their own material by the amalgamation of any two materials that are discussed below.  

Metal-like foil paper for the ice cream cone sleeves

The foil papers are made by applying the thin metal color in the form of layering on the paper. This color would make the metallic look of the paper. However, the custom options allow the user to choose any of the metallic colors like:

  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Turquoise 

And many more coloring options are also available for metal, like foil papers. So, if you want to add a royal look to your custom ice cream cone wrappers, then it is recommended to choose metal foil paper as a material for the ice cream cone covers. 

Paper material for the ice cream cone wrappers

Brands use high-quality paper material for their ice cream cone sleeves with a unique and attractive design. The core quality of these papers is that they are easily printable with any design, color, and pattern. However, it is one of the most cost-efficient material options for the custom ice cream cone cover.  

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Aluminum foil for the delectable and sweet ice cream cones

To enhance the durability of the ice cream cones and to endow a luxurious look, aluminum cone sleeves are used. These cone sleeves are prepared from aluminum sheets. However, these sheets are fully customizable, and brands can easily print their details and other information on the ice cream cone sleeves that are made from aluminum sheets.  

Paper with thin plastic film

The ice cream cones that are going to stay in the freezer for some duration need perfect packaging that is not only eye-catching but also protective enough. So the paper is attached with the thin plastic layer that would cover the whole cone sleeve. In this way, the paper cone becomes waterproof, and it would stay sustained for a longer duration. 

Last words 

So, the ice cream maker can choose any material as per their suitability out of all the abovementioned materials. However, the cost of all materials is not the same, but the ice cream cone sleeve wholesale option would reduce the cost of the sleeves and make them more affordable for the ice cream makers. 

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