Enhance the worth of your candles with amazing packaging styles

Candle box makers are introducing new designs and styles every day for the brilliant display of candle products in front of customers. However, the latest packaging style not only upgrades the look of the custom candle boxes but also makes them more prominent and protective. We all know that candle wax is generally placed inside glass jars that jars are highly dedicated and not able to bear the crowded environment of the retail shelves. Therefore, protection is one of the major functions that candle brands needed. So, here are a few amazing candle box styles that would just make the candles safer and more beautiful enough.

Cuboid candle sleeve boxes for candle jars

Mostly the candles come in round cubic or some traditional geometric shapes so the sleeve cuboid boxes are best for the packaging of such candles. The sleeve design is not only for escalating the impression of the packaging but also for the protection of sensitive candle jars. The double-wall construction of the custom candle boxes in sleeve shape would make the inside candles safe and sound.  

Candle boxes with a hanger on top

Just the candle box looks like an amazing case in the picture similarly the hanging option would make the ordinary cubic shape box alluring. On the other hand, the attachment of the hanging option makes the candle packaging boxes more functional than before. The retailer can use this hanging option to display the candles on the walls if the space of the retail shelve is not enough to display the candle in front of the customers. So this is one of the amazing packaging options for candle jars. 

Cylindrical candle packaging box for round candles

The candles that are round in shape require packaging that elaborates the round shape of the candle jars so the cylindrical candle boxes are assumed best for this purpose. The boxes look just complementary to the products that are packed inside. Although the round shape provides the essence of uniqueness the common shape of the candle boxes is cuboid. However, the printing of colorful design elements would escalate the visual value of the custom candle boxes. However, the placement of the logo with prominent fonts and writing styles would just double the impact of the packaging as well as the products.  

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Two-way opening boxes for candle products

As shown in the picture the box is an ultimate packaging solution with the dual side opening option. An adhesive closing sticker is placed on the top to ensure the proper closing of the candle boxes. These sort of candle boxes are only made if you select the custom candle boxes for your candle products.  

In the end

The above styles are amazing for the brands that need a solution to make their candle packaging out of the crowd. The discount offers are only made for those vendors who need wholesale custom candle boxes. 

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