Suitable material options for custom ice cream cone sleeves

The ice cream cone sleeves need perfection in the outlook, and for this reason, high-quality material is needed for the creation of the custom ice cream cone sleeves. And in order to select the best material for your next ice cream cone, it is required to get an idea about the available materials for the ice cream cone jackets. However, if the quality of the material is superb, then it would serve to make the elegant look of the cones and also protect them from contamination and spoilage. 

Few suitable materials for the ice cream cone sleeves and jackets

The following article is a complete elaboration of the materials that are readily available for the ice cream cone covers. However, the customization also allows the ice cream makers to generate their own material by the amalgamation of any two materials that are discussed below.  

Metal-like foil paper for the ice cream cone sleeves

The foil papers are made by applying the thin metal color in the form of layering on the paper. This color would make the metallic look of the paper. However, the custom options allow the user to choose any of the metallic colors like:

  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Turquoise 

And many more coloring options are also available for metal, like foil papers. So, if you want to add a royal look to your custom ice cream cone wrappers, then it is recommended to choose metal foil paper as a material for the ice cream cone covers. 

Paper material for the ice cream cone wrappers

Brands use high-quality paper material for their ice cream cone sleeves with a unique and attractive design. The core quality of these papers is that they are easily printable with any design, color, and pattern. However, it is one of the most cost-efficient material options for the custom ice cream cone cover.  

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Aluminum foil for the delectable and sweet ice cream cones

To enhance the durability of the ice cream cones and to endow a luxurious look, aluminum cone sleeves are used. These cone sleeves are prepared from aluminum sheets. However, these sheets are fully customizable, and brands can easily print their details and other information on the ice cream cone sleeves that are made from aluminum sheets.  

Paper with thin plastic film

The ice cream cones that are going to stay in the freezer for some duration need perfect packaging that is not only eye-catching but also protective enough. So the paper is attached with the thin plastic layer that would cover the whole cone sleeve. In this way, the paper cone becomes waterproof, and it would stay sustained for a longer duration. 

Last words 

So, the ice cream maker can choose any material as per their suitability out of all the abovementioned materials. However, the cost of all materials is not the same, but the ice cream cone sleeve wholesale option would reduce the cost of the sleeves and make them more affordable for the ice cream makers. 

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